Sustainability has been our guiding principle in building the brand. It's a journey that we're committed in building a conscious business, both socially and environmentally. 

It starts with a conscious choice of using natural and biodegradable fabrics to create our designs. All of our fabrics are locally sourced in Bali, Indonesia. We are striving towards lessening our environmental impact through the fabrics we use. So stay tuned to our journey as we continue to learn and make incremental changes. 

We work with a family-owned garment factory in Bali, Indonesia through each stage in our production process, ensuring our commitment to quality workmanship. Each piece of garment lies an untold story made by skilled hand, woven into care and attentive detailing. Our manufacturing partner adheres to their state labour policies, supports their workers by giving them substantial wages and allowances, while they work in a safe and respectful environment. 

Working with a small factory also means making our clothing in small batches. This allows us to reduce wastage and avoid overproduction which might end up in the landfill. We also eliminate all individual plastic packaging for each piece of garment from factory to your doorstep.