Behind the Collection: Resort 19

The Inspiration 

The collection, marked by its earthy tonal is very much inspired by nature. From the morning sunrise to the deep blue ocean and the forest woods, we set out a collection unifying nature’s elements with eyelet laces and bow detailing.

The Design 

Before working on the sketches, we had thought about design. And the importance of it to stay away from micro seasonal trends. Those that are in today, and out tomorrow. We sat down and eliminate the frivolous, focusing on classic silhouettes that we could wear with each passing season.

The goal was to also connect and collaborate with emerging creatives from around the world with each seasonal collection. Each designer bringing their own ideas while keeping our aesthetics in mind. We connected with NY based fashion designer, Fatima Haneef who recently graduated from New York School of Design to create our first collection. Fatima is nothing short of amazing. Working closely 12 hours apart and many conference calls later, we finally had something we could bring to our factories.

The Making 

Our toughest challenge was to integrate our designs with the use of natural fabrics. It took several rounds of sampling to test the fabrics that work and even changing designs to see if it works better. Using batik dye in our colouring, we had to get our colors as accurately as possible for the first time to avoid excessive use of resources. The intended making process is one that is conscious of the environment and one that takes care of its people. Here’s to the people that made it possible (though not the full squad).

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