4 Ways To Shop Responsibly During Festive Season

The festive season is officially upon us and shopping for yourself and your loved ones can be overwhelming. Everything somehow seems irresistible - from marked down prices to bundle offers in exquisite packaging. If you ever felt guilty buying into things you never need, you’re not alone. 

Before you set out on crossing items off your shopping list, first choose the values that are most important to you. It may be supporting a fair trade business, traditional craftsmanship or your efforts to reduce waste. Or are you most concerned about protecting the environment or the animals? Do you value transparency above all else? Choosing what’s important to you will definitely make it easier for you to shop responsibly.

Here are 4 ways to shop responsibly:

Buy Quality over Quantity, Always

We’re huge believers in buying quality products. It’s always better to go for 1 good quality dress than 3 mediocre ones. You may be forking out the extra dollars now but quality products go a long way. Promise. 

Rent, Share or Buy Secondhand 

According to Oxfam, 1.7 million sequined items are binned after the festive season. And since most sequins are plastic, they don’t biodegrade. Instead of buying a new sequin dress or any other festive dresses, opt for renting one or exchanging with your friends. You can also opt for secondhand clothes because they don’t consume further resources since they are already made (plus they are cheaper too).

Carry A Reusable Bag

We’ve been practising this for a while and refusing plastic bags whenever possible. Carry a tote bag to store your loot if you care about reducing landfill.

Shop Local Brands 

Never underestimate buying from a local brand or business! By supporting local brands, you’re not only supporting the local economy but also supporting the creation of a multitude of unique products within the community. Local businesses are also more invested in giving back to the community.

We’d love to hear your tips and how you are shopping mindfully this season in the comment section below. Happy holidays, from us to you. 💫

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