The creative behind our Johanna Pants 2.0 shoot: Meet Musarrat


 Tell us more about yourself, and why do you create for a living?

Hello dear Earthlings! My name is Musarrat Binti Salam. I am a freelance photographer and Instagram Marketer. I also love creating content on Instagram surrounding modest fashion and lifestyle. Also, love a good cup of chai and deep conversations. I used to be in the shipping industry before venturing into being a freelancer, and on paper, I'm technically an Offshore Engineer.
I have always been inclined to the creative world from a young age from poetry to photography – I always found myself exploring life through these artistic realms. Photography has been part of my life since I was little as my dad used to document every aspect of my childhood and maybe that's why I love being in front of the camera as much as I love being behind it. I also write poetry during my free time, or when I'm trying to find comfort or an answer to life's mystery, I find it at the end of a poem.

I don't create just for social media or for anyone to view these work – but more because I feel this is how I'm leaving behind my truth in this world. This is how I'm expressing myself to the fullest, in a way that it gives me joy, makes me more aware of life's simplest pleasure, a means to contribute to society through my skill sets.

I create because I believe we all have so much to contribute to this world and explore parts of our surroundings that are often left unnoticed. Art in general allows us to shine light on things in a different way. As artists or creators, we are responsible for being that light in this often dim lited world. Because words and pictures have power, the power to spread light or darkness in the world and through my creation, I hope to spread good and light for my world and the world that others perceive.

However even if everything were taken away from me where no one would find my work, I would still create till the end because my work is not merely how I earn my living; instead, it is a way of living for me.

Whose work has influenced you most?

I don't have a particular artist that influences my work. But I do take inspiration from various creators and photographers, which indirectly inspires my work and vision. But to name a few, photographers like @mahoor_jamal and @shaistadeen inspires me to create art that combines abstract concepts, beliefs and culture into one frame. Sometimes poetry from certain poets also becomes my muse for photography concepts.

How do you find balance between fulfilling a client’s project and seeking creative inspiration?

I would understand my clients vision for a particular project and also leave space for some of my own ideas to work around with during shoots. I believe creativity thrives in having that flexibility than in rigidness. I am someone who goes with the flow during a shoot after discussing the mood board or concepts briefly.

I would also take some time to explore specific editing style that would suit the concepts of a shoot and do my research on some ideas before we execute the project. The crucial part of finding the balance is to allow the space for new ideas to come through and trust the process even when things might not go entirely the way you thought it would. I believe art always thrives when you are at ease with the unknown and allow it to unfold naturally.

"Trust the process even when things might not go entirely the way you thought it would." - Musarrat

Musarrat wears the Johanna Pants 2.0 in Oatmeal, Size L. 

Are there any challenges that you had to overcome recently?

I think in recent months, I have taken up various projects in different businesses from photography to marketing, coaching and also partnering with brands and making content for them.

Being multi-passionate sometimes stretches you thin as you are wearing multiple hats, and you are learning how to manage all the work on your plate without being burnt out. That's one of the challenges I faced in terms of figuring out how to balance all the different assignments and fulfilling all of my client's expectations while finding some time to rest and recharge.

What’s one thing you wished you knew when you started taking photos?

I wish I knew it is not all about the gears you use but of your unique vision and what creativity you bring to the table that matters. People often stress about the technicality of photography or any art form of that matter, and forget that you can always learn those along the way– but you can't always learn creativity. So I wish I believed in my creative side a bit more, I would probably have taken up photography professionally much earlier in life.

What’s your go-to camera and lens for travel?

Currently, my go-to camera is Sony A7riii and the 24-70mm lens. It is such a versatile combo that does the job for all type of photography. I have yet to bring it out for travel though. 

The best advice someone has given you.

If it's not a hell yes, it's a hell no. This advice kind of helps me to take up projects that I'm deeply passionate about and makes me more aware of the projects that I might not be that keen about.

Of course, this advice does not apply to all things in life as the world isn't entirely black and white– but it gives you that reality check about where your heart is at for certain things and if you should actually take up something that your heart isn't entirely excited about. We should often say hell yes to things that light us up from within, and only then we can genuinely shine that light upon others through the work we do.

View more of Musarrat's work on Instagram @withlovemus.


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